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Following are some of the early music websites that we feel are the most useful and most interesting resources for early music performance and/or listening. It constantly amazes us how much information is available on the internet for performers of Renaissance and Medieval music.


Strings for Lute, Guitar, others:

Music for your wedding or special event!

  • The Shakespeare Band English Renaissance music and early music from Shakespeare's plays. Cincinnati, Ohio musicians.
  • Renaissance Lute Player Music from the time of Shakespeare performed on the Renaissance Lute.
  • Located in Cincinnati, Ohio and happy to travel to your area.
  • Renaissance Wedding Music The Noyse Merchants and the Shakespeare Band play early music Medieval and Renaissance music at weddings in Cincinnati and surrounding cities.

A modern day Minstrel: Craig of Farrington. Craig follows Renaissance fairs around the country and is a full-time performer and singer on the lute. A true Renaissance man!

           Medieval 5-course lute by Lawrence D. Brown

Lute Makers in the U.S.A.

  • Lyn Elder, 74 North Street, Bristol VT 05443
    Tel: 802-453-3625
  • Daniel Larson in Duluth, MN.
  • Andy Rutherford, 136 Waverley Pl. #12B, New York, NY 10014. (212 243 5325)
  • Richard Fletcher, RD 1, Box 83, Roaring Branch PA 17765 570-324-6447
A list of international lute makers may be found here:

Tina and Larry perform duets for flute and lute.

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