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Early Music Performance in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky

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We are available to perform Medieval, Renaissance, or Baroque music in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky at Boar's Head Feasts, Museums, Universities, Libraries, Festivals, Renaissance style weddings, Schools, coffeehouses, and the like. We prefer to use the correct instruments for each period; medieval instruments for medieval music and so on.

Performances can be acoustical or amplified, depending on the hall. We employ an integrated array of mics, pick-ups, amps, and speakers for venues that require amplification. Our system is the advanced technology Bose L1 Model II system designed for accurate tonal reproduction of classical-style instruments. We can also just plug into your system if you have one available.

Please note that Larry D. Brown has retired from building musical instruments as a profession and now builds only to support research into early playing styles and techniques. If you are in the market for an early instrument, please check the list of makers on the links page.

Also, please note that Larry D. Brown of CIncinnati Ohio is not Lawrence K Brown, a well-known lute maker in North Carolina, who has built lutes for several decades. The lute world has long known that there has always been two Larry Browns building lutes! What can I say? It's a common name.

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