The Duo

Larry and Michael formed a duo for performances of music that play especially well on the hurdy gurdy, gittern, cornamuse, chalumeau, and recorders. These performances have been incredibly popular in libraries, churches, retirement homes and senior living communities. Email "vintage_56 at fuse dot net" to book a recital.

hurdy gurdy duet The Duo

Performances include a brief introduction to each instrument and what period in history they were in common use. Here Michael is shown with a selection of sixteenth and seventeenth century style recorders and a cornamuse. Larry is holding his Renaissance lute and his Hurdy Gurdy. The Hurdy Gurdy dates as early as the 10th century and is enjoying a revival at the present time.

hurdy gurdy duets

Performances are educational as well as musical, since each piece is briefly explained in date and context. Audience members are invited up afterwards to see the instruments up close.

Recorder and hurdy gurdyHurdy Gurdy in a Bar Performances in a noisy tavern require some amplification. Sometimes outdoor performances also need it.

gurdy duets

At least once a year we do a performance at Christ Church in downtown Cincinnati. This performance has been growing in popularity and the church is tyypically packed with repeat audience members.

Gittern and hurdy gurdyHurdy Gurdy in a Bar

At left Michael is playing a gittern, which is one of the earliest forms of the guitar. At right we are on stage.

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