Moyen Âge


The early music group Moyen Âge (French for “Middle Ages”) presents some of the finest music of the 13th through the 15th centuries on copies of original instruments. Hear the exciting sound of early music as the folks in the Middle Ages heard it on Hurdy Gurdy, Lute, Gittern, Psaltery, Gemshorn, Vielle, Cornamuse, Renaissance recorders, and drums.

The instruments are briefly explained during the performance and afterward the audience is invited to inspect the instruments up close. Listeners have described the music as “enchanting”, “fresh and educational”, “magical”, and “uplifting”. The instruments alone grip the attention of the audience with their wistful and fascinating tone qualities.


We have found that performances of early music are enhanced and made special by the sense of style, technique, and tone quality of the Middle Ages, a delightful combination that brings the music to life in a way that is unexpected and bewitching. As director, Michael has brought his high level of musicological scholarship to bear on the program, and it shows. A mini-history course in beautiful music!

Previous performances have included the Cincinnati Art Museum, Wilmington College, Christ Church in downtown Cincinnati, and various retirement communities. We are also available for private events including Renaissance-themed weddings and Holiday parties.


  • Michael Zaret, director, lute, gittern and woodwinds
  • Marya Rusinak, psaltery and woodwinds
  • Mary Beth Rodes, woodwinds and bowed string instruments.
  • Larry Brown, hurdy gurdy and lute.
  • Jim Lambert, various Medieval and Renaissance bowed string instruments.

  • For information and bookings please email: Moyenage2 at gmail dot com.

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